Yoga for Mental Health and Wellness

  When one is feeling stressed, sad, alone, fearful, or panicked, it often isn’t just related to the mind — it can be a full-body experience inducing a disconnect from one’s physical form. Yoga for Mental Health harnesses the empirically proven power of the body to change the mind. There is no one formula- each session is completely tailored to their needs, using breath, meditation, movement, mindfulness, journaling, and more. Yoga for Mental Health can address, but is not limited to: Anxiety, Panic, Sadness, Depression, Lack of Inspiration, Self Worth, Self Compassion.

Yoga for Mental Health sessions can be offered for an individual or a group. Napa Valley, although a getaway for visitors, can be stressful at times for the residents. Each of us have our stressors. Napa Valley therapeutic yoga is for anyone that experiences stress. We want you to practice yoga where you feel the most at peace. For some a preferred space may be, your home, a peaceful outdoor space, or even a private owned location. It is important that you feel most comfortable practicing yoga for your mental health.