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Yoga for Mental Health and Wellness

  When one is feeling stressed, sad, alone, fearful, or panicked, it often isn’t just related to the mind — it can be a full-body experience inducing a disconnect from one’s physical form. Yoga for Mental Health harnesses the empirically proven power of the body to change the mind. There is no one formula- each session is completely tailored to their needs, using breath, meditation, movement, mindfulness, journaling, and more. Yoga for Mental Health can address, but is not limited to: Anxiety, Panic, Sadness, Depression, Lack of Inspiration, Self Worth, Self Compassion.

Yoga for Mental Health sessions can be offered for an individual or small groups. Napa Valley, although a getaway for visitors, can be stressful at times for the residents. I want you to practice yoga where you feel the most at peace. For some a preferred space may be, your home, a peaceful outdoor space, or even a private owned location. It is important that you feel most comfortable practicing yoga for your mental health.