Why I Chose Pure Heart Yogi...

I want to help people improve their quality of life through yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices. I chose to take this leap of faith because I believe in the power of positivity, unity and growth that yoga instills. I want to share the teachings of yoga in a way that is accessible and available to anyone in any setting. My hope is that each yoga session fosters insight on how to listen to your mind, body and spirit while living in the present moment.

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“Carolena is the best! I look forward to our yoga session each week and always am surprised how good I feel afterwards. She is great at customizing the class to our goals, needs and experience level. And we have fun while were are at it. I highly recommend her classes and private instruction.”

“Yoga is a new experience for me. I find the instruction and guidance that Carolena provides extremely beneficial. Carolena is especially helpful when it comes to teaching or demonstrating technique. I would not have expected to enjoy yoga as much as I do.”

-Cynthia Kirk & Andy O’Brien